Residency Board


The Board of Residency consist of five members including the Mayor of the City of Albany or the Mayor's appointee, the Corporation Counsel of the City of Albany or a representative of the Corporation Counsel and three Council members. All members of this Board shall be City of Albany residents. The Board shall meet within 30 days upon receipt of a written request of the Mayor or independently elected or appointed official heading an office, to make a determination granting or denying a one-year waiver of the residency requirement for prospective employees. The granting of the waiver exempts said employee from the provisions of this section for a one-year period. This determination shall be based upon one or more of the following criteria: a) the degree of specialization and professionalism required in any given field of employment; b) the existence of hardship such as may be determined by the Board; and c) the lack of qualified candidates residing within the City. A request for an extension of the waiver may be made and determined in the same manner provided herein for the initial request.


Agendas & Minutes


  • Marisa Franchini, Esq., Corporation Counsel
  • Joyce Love, Common Councilmember
  • Shaniqua Jackson, Acting City Clerk


City Code Part I, Section 62-1