Electrical Examining Board


The Electrical Examining Board meets on Friday April 28 at 3PM at 200 Henry Johnson Blvd.


As set forth in the City of Albany Code, the Board consists of the Director of the Division of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance, an authorized representative of National Grid, two licensed master electrician engaged in electrical work, employing one or more other electricians and who have been continuously licensed by the City of Albany for at least five years, and NYS licensed fire alarm installer, who shall be certified to NICET Level 4.

Rick LaJoy - Director, City of Albany Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance 
Stephen T. Dean, P.E. - National Grid
Brian C. Hart - George Martin & Son, Inc. 
Dwight W. Mathusa - Dwight Electric
Tom Murray - Simplex 

Non-Board, Non-Voting, Advisory Members

Jeffrey Dooley - City of Albany Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance 
William Trudeau - Albany Police Department, Traffic Engineering Division


The purpose of the Electrical Examining Board is to investigate and examine the knowledge and technical ability of each City of Albany Electrician license applicant and applicants for renewal of a license, and also authorize the issuance of licenses by the Administrator as provided by ordinance. The Board also investigates and examines all charges preferred against any holder of a license and their eligibility to continue to hold a license.

List of Class A Electricians.


City of Albany General Code Chapter 171 Article III Sections 171-17 to 171-53

Contact Electrical Examining Board

Rick LaJoy
Department of Buildings and Regulatory Compliance
City of Albany
200 Henry Johnson Blvd.
Albany, NY 12210
Phone: (518) 434-5165