Spring To Spigot

For years, when members of the public were asked where their water comes from, they have answered “the tap.” While not inaccurate, this answer is not a complete description of our municipal water system, and the people who help to deliver the water to your tap. "Spring to Spigot" is intended to change this by using a visual framework and narrative to follow a drop of water from groundwater to stream to reservoir, through treatment and use, and back into the ecosystem.

The video aims to educate the public about the source of our potable water and the work of the Albany Water Department. As the planet changes, remembering these connections becomes ever more important, as it will direct our future decisions on everything from resource use to equitable distribution.

"We are thrilled to release 'Spring to Spigot' during Green Month to raise awareness about the interconnectedness of our water system and the importance of responsible resource use," said Alex Ashby, Albany Water Department’s Watershed Forester. "We hope this video will inspire viewers to appreciate the work that goes into providing clean, safe, and reliable water to our community and to take action to protect this precious resource."

Water Commissioner Joe Coffey noted, “We are hopeful this video can be used as a teaching aid in our schools to highlight the value and importance of water to our students and perhaps interest them in a future career in science or engineering. Please share and help us spread the word about the importance of our water system and the people behind it.”  


Click the image below or click here to view the video

Spring To Spigot