About Us

Albany Water provides clean drinking water and maintains the sewer system for the City of Albany. As a 24/7 operation, we manage the water supply at local reservoirs, filter the water at our treatment plant, and reliably deliver water through our transmission and distribution system. We also maintain the pipes that safely carry away wastewater and stormwater. The Department has approximately 30,000 customers (including homes, businesses, and public facilities), and has two governing bodies (Albany Water Board and Albany Municipal Water Finance Authority.)

Albany Water Board Mission Statement

We will provide a safe, reliable and affordable water supply to all of our customers. We will collect and transport wastewater safely and in a manner that protects the public at all times. We will achieve all regulatory goals. We will manage stormwater to minimize threats to public health and safety. We will devise innovative ways to build resilience to address the challenges brought by climate change and aging infrastructure.

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