Outdoor Recreation & Fishing

The Albany Water Department (AWD) offers outdoor recreation and fishing at two of its properties. This includes Six Mile Waterworks Park located in Albany, and the Basic Creek Reservoir located in Westerlo. AWD also recently "daylighted" a section of Patroon Creek located in Albany's Tivoli Lake Preserve.

  1. Patroon Creek
  2. Six Mile Waterworks
  3. Basic Creek

Patroon Creek in Tivoli Lake Preserve

A wood walkway leading to a stone platform along Patroon CreekDuring 2019, the green infrastructure practice of "stream daylighting" was used in Tivoli Park Preserve to restore a 1,500 foot portion of Patroon Creek to a more naturalized condition. The section of Creek previously flowed underground through a large pipe. During the process of "daylighting," the pipe was removed and a naturalized stream corridor was constructed in its place. The new stream corridor will help reduce flooding, increase water quality through aeration, and create important habitat for various species of aquatic life and pollinator species; all the while providing a unique Patroon Creeknatural resource for the surrounding community.

About 6 miles long in total, the Patroon Creek begins in Albany's Pine Bush Preserve and flows through Albany before entering the Hudson River at the Corning Preserve. The "daylighted" section of Patroon Creek includes a series of pools, riffles, and small waterfalls through Tivoli Lake Preserve.

The Creek has much higher flow during wet weather than dry weather; and any overflow during wet weather will enter Tivoli Lake to help prevent localized flooding.

Visit Patroon Creek

A trail (consisting of a wide gravel path) is located just west of the intersection at Park Road and N Manning Boulevard. Street parking is available and the path to the Creek is less than ¼ mile. The trail also features educational signs about aquatic life, green infrastructure and the history of the creek.

By October 2020, the path near Patroon Creek will be connected to another newly improved trail within Tivoli Park Reserve.

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