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  1. Property Information
To check for a Residential Occupancy Permit (ROP), open violations, property registrations or other general property information, please use our Citizen's Self Service Portal.

License Listings

Please be advised, the City of Albany, NY provides these listings as a public resource for general information. While the City makes every effort to present the most current data, Albany expressly disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or inaccuracies in its content. Though this information is reviewed and updated in the normal course of business, all data is subject to change.

Handbooks & Informationals

These resources are provided to assist customers navigate the inspection & permitting processes

Permit Applications

These forms are used to apply for permits where there is work or a change in the property proposed.  Any exterior work being done in a Historical Overlay District will require the submission of a Certificate of Appropriateness Application in addition to your Permit Application.  All exterior work requires the submission of photos of the building.

License Applications & License Holder Information

Applications for obtaining licenses and forms for license holders

BRC Owner Contact Information

  1. Form Information

    This form is to be used by property owners to update contact information with the Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance.

    All requested information is for the property owner.  It is very important to supply us with your email address, as this is how all reminders/information updates are sent.  You may use this form for up to twelve (12) properties.

    Thank you for supplying us with this critical information.

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