Lark Street Infrastructure Project

Lark Street Rendering


  • Milling & First-Course Paving is completed. A final Top Course of asphalt will be placed toward the end of the project in October. Partial curb and sidewalk reconstruction is currently in progress. (9/1/23)
  • Cobblestones are currently in process of being removed from intersections. (08/16/23)
  • Milling and First Course of Paving currently scheduled to begin on Monday, August 21st.
  • Project mobilization is scheduled to begin on July 31st with work to begin on Monday, August 7th. 

The Lark Street Infrastructure Project is scheduled to begin in August 2023 and conclude by November 2023 (end). The scope of the project includes:

  • Restoration of the pavement (Mill and Fill).
  • Removal of cobblestone intersections.
  • Addition of stamped asphalt strips (for traffic calming).
  • Ensure ADA Compliance (ADA ramps & detectable warnings).
  • Replacement of Curb Ramps and Sidewalks as necessary.
  • Incorporate Sidewalk extensions or bumpouts to the extent practical.
  • Install Hi-Vis Crosswalks.
  • Replacement and planting of new trees.
  • Addition of strings lights across Lark Street.
  • Installation of new park benches, bike racks, and trash receptacles.
Lark St. Improvements Visual (PNG)
Lark Street Boundry Map
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