Manning Boulevard Improvement Project

Manning Boulevard Graphic

Manning Boulevard Improvement Project

Project Boundaries

Manning Blvd. from Western Avenue to Washington Avenue. The project includes the Bridle Paths on both sides of the street.

Scope of the Project

This project includes transforming the current roadway into a modern pedestrian-friendly roadway that will incorporate complete street elements that will enable safe access for all people including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities. 

The reconstruction will include: 

  • Drainage improvements
  • New curbing
  • New pavement
  • Shared bicycle lanes
  • New sidewalks
  • New ADA-compliant concrete curb ramps
  • New crosswalks
  • New street crossing signs
  • New street trees 
  • Other street amenities

The project will also include new “green infrastructure” to manage storm water.

Public Comment (08.2023)

We are currently in the project's concept design phase, where we have the basic scope of work with two options.

The public comment/survey has ended. DGS will review the comments and provide a response to be posted here once that is complete.

Final Design

Bridle Paths

1. Bridle Paths will remain in their current traffic configuration, with un-striped informal travel & parking lanes.

2. In lieu of placing shared lane bicycle markings on an un-striped roadway without defined lanes, signage will be installed identifying the bridle paths as the designated Bike Route.

3. Bituminous concrete/asphalt wedge curbing will be provided on the house side of each Bridle Path.

4. In addition to the two access points at either end of the Bridle Paths, the existing access point at the intersection of Lancaster Street and the existing access point between Lancaster Street and Washington Avenue will be retained as part of this project. The two access points between Lancaster Street and Western Avenue will be consolidated into a single access point approximately halfway between the intersections.

5. Stop signs will be added for Bridle Path traffic at each intersection and access point to encourage reduced speeds and discourage vehicles from using the Bridle Paths as a shortcut around the main travel lanes.

Manning Boulevard – Main Travel Lanes

1. The turning lane will be maintained and provided at each intersection and Bridle Path access point. The turn lane will be removed between these points, and the queuing length of the turn lane will be coordinated with the City of Albany Traffic Engineer.

2. As neither concept plan received majority support in the public survey, a modified version of Concept B will be implemented as it most closely resembles the existing road configuration and will allow for greater maneuverability of maintenance and emergency vehicles. Travel lanes will be reduced to 11’ width. 2’ shoulders will be provided on each side of the roadway to allow space for emergency pull-offs / vehicle passing.

3. Granite curbing will be provided along the main travel lanes of Manning Boulevard.

Pedestrian / Bicycle Safety

1. In lieu of place shared lane bicycle markings on an un-striped roadway without defined lanes, signage will be installed identifying the bridle paths as the designated Bike Route.

2. Signed mid-block crossings will be provided at each bridle path access point and at the intersection of Lancaster Street. Advanced warning signage will be installed to alert motorists of a crossing ahead. Crosswalks will be striped and refuge islands will be provided within the medians.

3. Crosswalks at the intersections of Western Avenue and Washington Avenue will be restriped & realigned as part of this project, along with minor sidewalk/curb ramp improvements. A more extensive reconstruction of these intersections is being considered as part of a larger intersection improvement project along both of those roadways.

4. Sidewalks within the project area will be reconstructed to create ADA-accessible walkways.

Drainage & Green Infrastructure

1. Sidewalks and roadways within the project area will be reconstructed to ensure positive drainage away from the residences on Manning Boulevard, with runoff being directed towards the grass medians between the Bridle Paths and Manning Boulevard.

2. A combination of green infrastructure practices and traditional storm water management infrastructure will be provided throughout the project corridor to direct storm water runoff away from residences and into existing drainage systems.


1. Tree removal will be limited to the extent possible as dictated by the City Arborist. Several trees within the project corridor have been identified as dead, dying, or in decline and have been flagged for removal by the City Arborist as part of an overall City-wide tree improvement program. Any tree removed will be replaced.

2. Existing traffic lighting within the project area will remain in place as part of this project.

Manning Boulevard Second Public Meeting Video