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Dog License Information

To learn more and apply for a Dog License, complete our Dog License Form.* *The online dog license process is currently unavailable.  Please complete the PDF application linked above and email the completed form, along with the owner's identification, proof of ownership and vaccination to the City Clerk.

Hen License Application

On July 1, 2019, the City of Albany passed legislation amending the code and allowing for the keeping of hens. If you are a resident in the City of Albany you are able to complete a Hen License Application (PDF), provide documentation, an be issued a permit to keep hens.

Please submit the completed application to the City Clerk's Office along with the appropriate fee. Once the application is reviewed and approved a permit will be issued to the applicant. The permits are non-transferable.

For more information, read Ordinance Number 8.31.19 (PDF).

Domestic Partnerships

The City Clerk's Office is currently scheduling domestic partnerships by appointment only. To obtain a domestic partnership, couples MUST RESIDE TOGETHER FOR AT LEAST 6 MONTHS prior to your application. Send an email request or call or dial (518) 434-5090


  • State issued identification 

Along With

  • Deeds or Rental Leases with both names listed


  • Joint/shared bank accounts with the same name and address

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