Special Events Application

The City of Albany welcomes the use of City space for special events. We expect that anyone utilizing City controlledSpecial Events Permit property for an event will follow the rules and regulations associated with and included in the permit process. PLEASE NOTE: Event organizers and participants are subject to all parking rules and restrictions. THERE IS NO PARKING ON THE GRASS IN CITY OWNED PARKS.

A Special Event Permit is required if your gathering has one or more of the following elements:

  • 25 or more participants
  • Use of amplified sound
  • Selling and/or distributing food, goods or merchandise (this includes exercise classes or boot camps)
  • Multiple street closures
  • Alcohol
  • Tents
  • Any Inflatables
  • Stages
  • Walk/Run Event
  • Specific location reservations
  • Planned demonstration

Permit Process

  1. Choose a specific location and date for your event. You are encouraged to choose an alternative location and/or date in the event that your first choice is not available. If you are unsure whether or not a permit is required for your event, please refer to the list above, email or call the City Clerk’s Office at (518) 434-5090. View a list of City Parks.
  2. Complete all sections of the City of Albany Special Event / Facility Use Application. All proposed activities and events are subject to the approval of the City of Albany Special Events Committee. 
  3. Submittal of an application does not grant you a permit or confirmation to conduct your planned event; all applications are subject to review. Completed applications with appropriate fees and requested documentation/information must be submitted at least 30 business days prior to your event, otherwise late fees may apply. 
  4. The City of Albany City Clerk’s Office processes applications for permits in order of receipt (excludes historically established events). The City Clerk’s Office will not consider your submittal without a completed application and an application fee and all other applicable fees.
  5. Upon receiving your completed application, application fee and all other applicable fees, you will be informed of any remaining fees that must be paid along with any additional documentation requirements. The City of Albany reserves the right require additional information or documentation regarding the applicant, applicant’s company, sponsoring company/organization, cosponsors, event participants, event vendors, event activities, or the event itself. Moreover, the City of Albany may postpone approval of event permits until receipt of additional requested information or documentation. Failure to submit requested information or documentation in a timely manner may be cause for denial of your permit.
  6. Some applicants may be required to submit documents to satisfy insurance requirements. A Certificate of General Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming the City of Albany as “additional insured” is required or $2,000,000 if the event involves inflatables.  Also included should be the set up and tear down dates. Your permit will not be issued until the Certificate of Insurance has been received and approved.
  7. Applicants are required to inform the City Clerk’s Office in writing of any and all amendments to the original application and/or cancellation prior to the event day.
  8. Once all of the requirements have been fulfilled, including receipt or all documents and full payment, a Special Event Permit will be issued if the Special Events Committee has approved the application (event) with 15-20 business days, unless otherwise stated.
  9. Please note: Costs incurred promoting and marketing events prior to the issuance of an approved City of Albany Special Event Permit, and changes/modifications relative to the event from the City of Albany and/or the Mayor’s Office of Special Events and other City of Albany departments is at the sole expense and risk of the Event Organizer and/or Applicant. The applicant is also required to provide recycling to attendees for events where trash is generated.  

Apply for a Special Event Permit using the form below. 

Please Note

  • Applicant is solely responsible for costs incurred for City services rendered for each event. No alcohol is permitted without the approval of an Open Container Permit. A copy of the permit must remain on-site for inspector's review. 
  • Applicants must apply with the City of Albany, Albany County and/or the State of New York for alcohol, merchandise vending, food vending, and other sampling. 
  • The City is unable to provide amenities such as port-a-johns/portable washrooms, tables, chairs, or medical services (other than EMS). The applicant is required to secure port-a-johns/portable washrooms, chairs, trash boxes, and any medical needs for the event at the applicant's expense. The applicant is also required to provide recycling to attendees for events where trash is generated.  Failure to adequately provide such amenities could result in the event applicant(s) or coordinator(s) inability to hold future events in the City of Albany. 
  • Special Events cancellations or cancellation of requested services must be made in writing ten days prior to the event. Failure to provide written verification may result in the sponsor(s) being required to reimburse the City of Albany for the agreed upon services. A certificate of insurance must be delivered to City of Albany, City Clerk’s Office, 24 Eagle Street Room 202, Albany NY 12207. The certificate must evidence General Liability Insurance, with a $1,000,000.00 or $2,000,000 if the event involves inflatables , naming the City of Albany, its officers, agents, and employees as additional insured, while specifically referencing the scheduled event. Each vendor or contractor must provide proof of insurance.

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