Under state mandated guidelines, we can also assist in genealogy research.


A death record must be on file for 50 years before it can be accessed for genealogy purposes. A birth record must be on file for 75 years and the person must be known to be deceased. These time limits can be waived if the person who is making the request has proof of direct lineage to prove relationship (grandparent, parent, child) to the person whose record is being requested.

Identification and proof of relationship is required in such cases. An employee of Vital Statistics conducts the search.

Making Requests

The request can be made in person at our office in Albany City Hall on the second mezzanine in room 254M. Vital Statistics does not accept personal checks. Please use cash, a money order or a certified bank check if coming in person to the office.  The typical processing time for genealogy requests can be up to two(2) months or longer.

Requests by Mail

The request can also be made in writing to our office with a money order or a certified bank check payable to the City of Albany. Do not send cash.

We try to answer our genealogy mail within two weeks of receiving it.