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  REC operates dozens of facilities that provide a variety of recreational activities for the community.  Our facilities serve as the setting for the services we provide to the community.  Services that include:

  1. Scheduled programs ✔ 
  2. Informal recreational opportunities✔ 
  3. Private reservations ✔

  We have unique facilities like an outdoor ice skating rink, a skateboard park, and a nationally recognized boxing gym.  We also have more common facilities like community centers, athletic fields, and playgrounds.  Whether it's an indoor facility to rent for a private party, or an outdoor space to recreate informally, REC has it all.  We have three types of facilities.  To find out more about each one, click the tabs below and follow the links to find out which facilities have what you're looking for!


The City of Albany operates 11 spray pads and 2 outdoor pools across the City. The pools are now closed & the spray pads are open until Labor Day. Whether you want to learn to swim, relax by the water, or cool off on a hot day, REC has you covered.  

Click on the picture to find a list of all of the pool and spray pad facilities in the City of Albany. pool day

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