The City of Albany Department of Recreation Commissioner Jonathan Jones started the PlayStreets initiative in 2020 as a way to create safe spaces for families and kids to recreate and gather in the comfort of their own neighborhoods during the summer. These events are designed to keep Albany activated and be the change we hope to see in our community. Each PlayStreets event includes activities, snacks and partnerships with community organizations and businesses.

116433891_2762017010564973_6624488626480665459_nCopy of PLAYSTREETS 2023

All PlayStreet events take place on Fridays from 2pm to 5pm and include The following is a list of dates locations and themes for this summer's PlayStreets: 

2023 PlayStreets
July 21, 2023Black Lives Matter Park
July 28, 2023Buckingham Lake Park
August 4, 2023Rosemont Park
August 11, 2023Swinburne/Bleecker
August 25, 2023Skyway