Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO)

Albany’s Unified Sustainable Development Ordinance (USDO) is a modernized zoning ordinance, designed to integrate land use regulations with sustainable best practices, such that, it incentivizes quality development that balances the interests of our community with protecting our natural environment. The USDO folds all past development-related regulations and overlays into one readable and user-friendly document—making it easier for property owners to pursue their project development, and for the City to undergo a less onerous review process.

Because this is not an imposing one-size-fits-all regulatory document, it is necessary to periodically review and revise the USDO in order to provide the best suited regulations for new or changing conditions, as they arise.  The process to review and amend USDO text or mapped zoning boundaries is outlined in Section 375-5(E)(24).  The Chief Planning Official is the designated as the Administrator of the USDO.

USDO Text Amendments

Summary Topic
Review Status
0001 Use Regulations Applicable to Methadone Dispensaries Inactive
0002 New Use Classification: Blood Plasma Center Withdrawn
0003 CUP requirement for 3-Unit Townhouses in R-T Distrct Inactive
0004 Size of Signage in Residential District and Obsolete Signs Adopted
0005 CUP allowance for Artisan Manufacturing in MU-NE District Withdrawn
0006 Alteration of Boundaries of the FP-O District Adopted
0007 Amendments to the USDO pursuant to the initial evaluation period
0008 Telcom Installations Inactive
0009 Green-Blue Roof Incentive Suspension
0010 USDO Copyedits and Renumbering
Under Review
0011 New Use Classification: Blood Plasma Center Under Review
0012 Parking lots as a conditional use in MU-CU Districts Under Review
0013 Planning Board waivers / Conditions for issuance of a permit Adopted

USDO Map Amendments

Properties Affected
Existing Zone
Proposed Zone
Review Status
0001 10-15 Krank St, 4-12 Leonard St & 7-15 Scott St R-M MU-NE Withdrawn
0002 151 & 153 Grand St
LC Adopted
0003 42-44 Philip St, 140 Hamilton St R-T MU-NC Adopted
0004 180 Sheridan Avenue
R-T MU-CU Adopted
0005 23 & 22-28 Dove St, 293 State St R-T
MU-NE Withdrawn
0006 1144 Western Avenue
R-M MU-NC Inactive
0007 76-90 Second Ave, 2-32 Leonard St, Scott St, 10-45 Krank St
MU-CI Adopted
0008 1057 & 1061 Washington Ave
MU-NC R-2 Under Review

USDO Interpretations

# Summary Topic
052617.001 Building Heights; R-T Conversion Clarification
061617.002 Front Setback in R-V District
072517.003 Accessory Use Non-Conformities
100418.001 Use Classification: Para-medical Micro-Pigmentation
100919.001 Application of Form-Based Standards to Vehicle Fueling Stations
100919.002 Application of Development Plan Review to Accessory Parking Lots
100919.003 Stand-Alone ATM Uses
113020.001 Permitted Height of Solar Canopies
  Affordable Housing Requirement Guidelines
  Small Wireless Facility Siting, Construction and Aesthetic Standards