The Youth Opportunity Officer (YOO) serves both in and out-of-school youth ages 14-24 to provide educational options, workforce exposure, access and opportunities. 

We offer Compass Re-Entry Services funded by US Department of Labor to allow the City of Albany to participate in FHI 360's Communities Collaborative to Reconnect Youth (CCRY) Network to join the Compass Rose Collaborative (CRC).  Partnering with five other communities: Baltimore, Boston, Connecticut, Louisville and Southeast Arkansas, our program focuses on the following elements:

Compass Re-Entry Services

  • The CRC's ultimate goal is to place justice-involved young people in sustainable employment through community partnership, education, specialized training, and workforce development
  • CRC's focus is young adults ages 18-24 who are out of school, involved in the criminal justice system and/or returning to the community from a period of incarceration.
  • Concentrating primarily on those individuals who originate from and are returning to the City of Albany.