Fire Prevention and Safety

Albany Department of Fire and Emergency Services

Fire Investigation

This unit is responsible for investigating Origin and Cause of structure and vehicle fires in the City of Albany; Fire Prevention Education and enforcement of New York State and City of Albany Property Maintenance and Fire Codes. Our members are New York State Certified Level Two Fire Investigators; they have received extensive training in this area. Information derived from fire investigation is used to assist in arrest and in prosecution of persons who intentionally start fires. In addition, it is also used to help determine accidental causes of fire, which can assist in identifying behavior that may cause a fire. The Fire Department can then provide education to help prevent fires.

Fire Prevention

Firefighter showing firefighting equipment to childrenThe members of FIU have received training in Juvenile Firesetter Intervention as well as Public Fire and Life Safety Education and have considerable experience in educating the Public about the dangers of fire. Our Fire Education Programs include:

  • Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program: a multi-agency team that includes the Albany County Sheriff's Department, the Albany County Department of Mental Health, Child Protective Services and the County Probation Office. This Program allows us to educate children and their parents about the dangers of fire and the appropriate use of fire.
  • FireSafe School Program: this involves members of FIU providing Fire Safety Education to all pre-kindergarten through 5th grade students in the City of Albany, in their classrooms.
  • High Rise Residential Fire Safety: members of FIU will educate residents of high rise apartment buildings on the importance of fire safety and preparedness.
  • Firehouse Tours: Elementary Schools, Day Care Centers and other organizations visit the City's Firehouses and receive a tour of the Firehouse, view Fire Apparatus and also are provided Fire Safety Education.
  • Site visits: Albany Fire Department Fire Apparatus will visit Schools, Day Care Centers, Block Parties and other community events.

We also attend fire drills at various Government offices, schools, businesses and apartment buildings, which allow us to evaluate emergency evacuation plans and assist in modifying those plans, if needed.

Fire Safety Reminder

Remember to test all smoke alarms once a month and change the batteries at least once a year. Also make sure to develop and practice a home fire escape plan.

Request a Firehouse Tour/Special Event Detail

This form can be printed and submitted to request a Firehouse Tour or a Special Event Detail. Forms may be submitted by fax or by mail to the attention of Captain Chris Evans.

Fire Safety Publications