Companies and Apparatus

The Albany Fire Department is comprised ofAlbany Department of Fire and Emergency Services:

  • 2 Battalions
  • 8 Engine Companies
  • 4 Ladder Companies
  • 3 Paramedic Companies
  • 1 Heavy Rescue

Engines and Ladders are typically staffed with an Officer and 3 firefighters, Paramedic Companies are staffed with a Paramedic Officer and a Paramedic Firefighter. The Heavy Rescue is typically staffed with an Officer and 5 firefighters.

  1. Battalion Chief
  2. Engine Company
  3. Ladder Company
  4. Paramedic Company
  5. Heavy Rescue
  6. Specialty Equipment

Battalion Chiefs are in charge of the day to day operations of all Companies throughout the City of Albany.  They work 24 hour shifts and command the on duty companies throughout the duration of the shift.

Battalion Chief Sport Utility Vehicle