Spring Street Reconstruction Project

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Welcome to the Spring Street Reconstruction Project page. We would like to thank everyone for their input and comments. We will soon be receiving bids from contractors for the construction phase of the project and will be sending out another newsletter prior to the start of construction. We have recently met with representatives of the neighborhood and presented the final design plans. Spring Street Final Design Presentation.

Below you will find information regarding the following:

  • Project scope of work and goals
  • Conceptual drawings of the design
  • Issues for which we are asking your input
  • A place to leave your feedback, questions and comments

Project Scope of Work and Goals

This project has two components. The first involves replacing sidewalk and curbing, and repaving Spring Street. The reconstruction will include new ADA compliant concrete curb ramps, crosswalks, street crossing signs, new street trees, landscaping, plantings and other street amenities.

The second component of the project will include water service replacement to some of the homes along Spring Street. The Albany Water Department will be funding this portion of the project. It will include replacing existing lead water services at no cost to the homeowner. The existing service will be replaced in the street and the contractor will make the final connection in the homeowner’s basement, completely eliminating the lead service.

Conceptual Drawings

Spring Street Plan Rendering (1)The City’s consultant, Chazen Companies, has developed drawings for the proposed project. Spring St Plan Rendering (PDF) 

Neighborhood Input

It is very important to us that we receive input from the neighborhood regarding the proposed design. Below is a list of issues we are requesting your review and feedback:

  • Street Trees: This project will include removing the majority of the trees along the corridor including those that are overgrown and dying. We are very aware that some people welcome street trees in front of their homes and others do not want trees in front of their homes. Please let us know if you have a preference.
  • Tree Surrounds: There are currently a number of different types of tree surrounds along Spring Street. We would like to standardize the surround. In lieu of providing mulch inside the surround, we are proposing to install a flexible porous surface within the surround similar to what was installed last year on New Scotland Avenue. This surface will provide a stable surface for planters, prohibits weed growth and will not collect trash. To view the three alternative tree surrounds, please click here or see below and let us know of your preference.ZZ-Spring_planters-
  • Street Amenities: This includes bicycle racks and street benches. These can only be placed where sufficient room exists to maintain pedestrian access. Please let us know if anyone is interested.
  • Planters: We couldn’t help but notice the beautiful planters with flowers and small vegetable gardens located along the corridor. Let us know if there are locations along the corridor where we could install dedicated planters.

Thank you for taking time to visit the Spring Street Reconstruction Project page and providing your input on this important project. We appreciate your patience during these difficult times. Together we are #NewYorkTough