Street Maintenance

Did you know that there are over 1600+ roads in streets in Albany? Did you also know that this includes over 270 miles of sidewalk space? The Department of General Service is tasked with maintaining and cleaning these vast urban road and walkways.

There are various aspects that come along with maintaining these spaces, including but not limited to: street sweeping, graffiti removal, pothole filling, milling and paving, curb repair, and sidewalk reconstruction.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping is one of the many services provided by DGS. The sweepers are out and running everyday and typically cover (390) miles of city streets every week. Sweeper trucks are specialized vehicles with multiple brooms designed to capture litter from street curbs and leave our streets looking beautiful and sanitary.

Recently, our sweeper trucks were upgraded to a vacuum system using HEPA filtration. This system prevents excessive dust and residue from polluting the air while the sweepers perform their daily functions.


Our Graffiti Crew is tasked with the removal of defacement on public property. This includes stickers, drawings, paintings, written defacement, scribble, etc. 

In addition to removing public graffiti, this crew is also responsible for posting private properties that have been defaced and tasking the property owner with the removal of the graffiti. If after a reasonable amount of time the manner remains unresolved, the Graffiti Crew will remove the defacement and bill the property owner for services rendered.

Concrete Crew

The Concrete Crew performs a variety of essential functions for maintaining the safety and integrity of our pedestrian walkways. 

These tasks include everything ranging from minor curb repair, to full blown sidewalk reconstruction.

Blacktop Crew

The Blacktop Crew is responsible for upholding the infrastructural integrity of Albany's municipal roadways. 

Their job functions range from simple pothole filling, to micro surfacing, up to complete resurfacing including milling and paving.