Hudson Riverway Pedestrian Bridge Memorial Bricks

Pedestrian Bridge (JPG)The Hudson River Way Pedestrian Bridge project is the culmination of an effort to reconnect modern downtown Albany and its historic waterfront. The 650-ft.-long by 24-ft.-wide, five-span bridge not only provides physical access, but serves as a virtual outdoor museum to celebrate the community's historic link to the Hudson River.

This $6.15 million bridge spans Interstate 787 Northbound and Southbound, it also spans the tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railroad. Included in the project is a pedestrian plaza, a decorative concrete staircase, an elevator building, an access ramp, drainage and streetscape improvements, engraved granite bricks on the bridge deck, ornamental lighting and fencing and integration of decorative elements and artwork that reflect Albany's history.

While $3.3 million was provided in the form of state and federal aid, it was up to the city to raise the balance from other sources. A large portion of the funding was raised from private individuals and corporations in the Albany area who participated in the "Build it Brick by Brick" campaign. This campaign resulted in the sale of 10,000 personalized granite bricks purchased by local citizens, business organizations and civic groups, to pave the bridge.

Please click on the links below to view the layout of the bridge and memorial bricks. Pedestrian Bridge Close Up (JPG)

If you would like assistance in locating a brick, please contact Erin Grace at Capitalize Albany Corporation.