Alfred Hargett

Construction Inspectors
Title: Building Inspector
Phone: 518-434-5995


Before moving to Albany three years ago, Alfred worked in construction in NYC for 32 years, where he learned how to hang sheetrock and frame a building, do plumbing and electrical, and even how to lay brick. When he came to Albany, he got a job at Home Depot, and had stints in practically every department. One day, Alfred was serving an Albany Building Inspector who suggested that he had the right experience for a job in the Codes Department. Alfred was hired as a Code Enforcement Inspector.

When he lived in New York City, Alfred was both a renter and a landlord. "So I understand both sides," he says. "I see my job as helping property owners and tenants understand what needs to be done to comply with the Code. Respecting the Code benefits them and the communities around them. I like what I see the Mayor doing," he says. "She's helping the City to grow stronger and improve its look, its housing, and she's getting rid of vacant buildings. I wish I had come to the City sooner because I like participating in change."

Alfred is also a pastor. "I really enjoy serving people because that's what it's about. If I can't help, I try to find someone who can." In his spare time, Alfred makes jewelry, draws and paints.

In early 2023, Alfred was promoted to a Building Inspector.

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