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It is due to the Albany For All initiative funded by ARPA program that Mary, a cherished member of the community, finds joy and connection in the Older Loved Ones program. This initiative, hosted at Albany South, has become a haven for Mary, who revels in the camaraderie and activities offered. A frequent attendee, she particularly enjoys engaging in lively bingo games and cherishes the opportunity to interact with friends. For Mary, Albany South is more than just a venue; it is a home away from home where she, along with fellow program attendees, experiences a sense of belonging and fulfillment. Through the support of the ARPA program, the Albany For All initiative will not only enrich the lives of individuals like Mary but will also create vibrant community spaces that promote connection, well-being, and a true sense of community.

The comprehensive program encompasses 35 fully-funded projects, including initiatives focused on fostering community spaces, creating workforce opportunities and supporting affordable housing and homeownership.


Tailored for our mature residents seeking daytime engagement, this program offers a variety of recreational activities designed to foster movement and creativity. Whether hosted in-house at Albany West or Albany South, or brought directly to senior homes, the initiative provides a vibrant and inclusive space for seniors to participate in enjoyable and stimulating activities. 

From physical exercises that promote mobility to creative pursuits that inspire artistic expression, this program, led by the City of Albany Department of Recreation, caters to the diverse interests and preferences of our mature community members. Whether they prefer the social atmosphere of our community centers or the comfort of their senior home, participants can choose the setting that best suits their preferences, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching experience tailored to their needs.

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