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It is due to the Albany For All initiative funded by ARPA program that Willie White, a dedicated advocate for the City of Albany, is witnessing transformative changes in the South End neighborhood. Willie, having long championed the cause for positive change, founded the non-profit "A Village" based on his unwavering belief in the revolutionary power of collaboration. These capital projects not only address the immediate need for upgraded facilities but also align with Willie's vision of fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose within neighborhoods that have long been neglected. The impact extends beyond the physical upgrades; it embodies the spirit of collective advocacy and community-driven initiatives. As these projects unfold, Willie's commitment to collaborative progress serves as an inspiration for a stronger and more connected Albany.

The comprehensive program encompasses 35 fully-funded projects, including initiatives focused on fostering community spaces, creating workforce opportunities and supporting affordable housing and homeownership.

ALBANY SOUTH  (Formerly known as the Hoffman Recreation Center)

ALBANY WEST (Formerly known as the West Hill Community Center) 


With a strong emphasis on prioritizing children and youth recreation, the City of Albany is gearing up for three significant capital projects. Aiming to create dynamic and modern recreational spaces, the revitalization plan includes transforming the Hoffman Recreation Center into Albany South, where state-of-the-art facilities will cater to the diverse needs of youth, seniors, and the community. 

Simultaneously, Albany West, will undergo construction  to become a vibrant hub for community activities as well as youth and senior programs. Complementing these efforts, the Lincoln Park Pool will see renovations to offer a refreshed and secure aquatic environment for residents of all ages. These capital projects underscore the City's dedication to leaving a lasting legacy in youth recreation, promoting community well-being, and providing valuable opportunities for generations to come.

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