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Cesar, a lifelong resident of the City of Albany, accomplished his dream of becoming a first-time homeowner because of the ARPA program funded by the Albany For All initiative. In the city he has always called home, this investment has not only provided Cesar with a place to call his own but also paved the way for the creation of generational wealth. Through this newfound homeownership, Cesar envisions a future where his children may inherit and own the same home one day, ensuring a lasting legacy for his family. The impact extends beyond the tangible property; it encompasses the sense of safety and security that Cesar can now provide for his children. The ARPA program's support, facilitated by the Albany For All initiative, has not only transformed Cesar's life but also contributed to the resilience and prosperity of the community he cherishes.

The comprehensive program encompasses 35 fully-funded projects, including initiatives focused on fostering community spaces, creating workforce opportunities and supporting affordable housing and homeownership.


Habitat for Humanity Capital District is a beacon of community development, leveraging the power of homeownership to create lasting transformations. With a steadfast commitment to building affordable and sustainable homes, the organization collaborates closely with lower-income families, fostering partnerships that go beyond construction. Through this innovative approach, Habitat for Humanity Capital District not only addresses the immediate need for housing but actively contributes to the long-term development of communities. 

By providing families with the opportunity to own homes, the organization empowers individuals and catalyzes positive change, laying the foundation for vibrant, resilient neighborhoods. Habitat for Humanity Capital District exemplifies a holistic approach to community building, recognizing that the path to transformation begins with a secure and sustainable place to call home.

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