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Thanks to the JumpStart program's invaluable support, Trisha Lord and her son have experienced a positive transformation in their lives. Engaging with JumpStart proved to be a game-changer for Trisha, who found a dedicated and personable case manager that handled every aspect with care and efficiency. With JumpStart taking care of crucial details, Trisha has more time to focus on being a mom. The program not only provided immediate assistance but also guided Trisha towards options like childcare and pantry locations, ensuring a holistic approach to her well-being. Through JumpStart, Trisha not only received practical support but also found a compassionate community that understands her needs and works tirelessly to alleviate the challenges she faces. The program has become an essential pillar in Trisha's life, showcasing how community-focused initiatives can make a meaningful impact on individuals and families.

The comprehensive program encompasses 35 fully-funded projects, including initiatives focused on fostering community spaces, creating workforce opportunities and supporting affordable housing and homeownership.


JumpStart services stand as a vital support system for City of Albany residents navigating the challenges posed by the pandemic. Tailored to provide short-term, intensive assistance, the Community Resource Advocates at JumpStart are dedicated to aiding those most severely impacted, addressing pressing issues such as housing, food, and financial insecurities. Employing a hands-on approach. 

Jumpstart systematically breaks down barriers, establishing crucial connections to essential resources and laying a foundation for future stability. Beyond immediate relief, JumpStart is committed to enhancing the long-term well-being of residents, particularly those marginalized or underserved, recognizing the need to rectify historical racial and social inequalities. JumpStart embodies a collaborative effort, lifting up those in greatest need and fostering collective resilience in pursuit of a stronger and healthier community.

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