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Meet Simone

It is due to the Albany For All program's support for the expansion of the South End Children's Café that Simone Sprague, a dedicated member since 2018, has thrived within its nurturing environment. Simone, who joined the Café as a six-year-old, now sees the café as a staple in her development. With the recent investment in expansion, the Café has become an integral part of Simone's journey into adolescence. As she grows, the expanded South End Children's Café aims to evolve alongside her, continuing to provide a supportive space for Simone and others like her. From hanging out with friends to indulging in her love for anime and videography, Simone's interests find a home within the expanded Café, fostering her growth as a pre-teen and contributing to the vibrant community nurtured by the Albany For All program.

The comprehensive program encompasses 35 fully-funded projects, including initiatives focused on fostering community spaces, creating workforce opportunities and supporting affordable housing and homeownership.


At the heart of community and compassion, the South End Children's Café stands as a beacon of hope for children and families in Albany. Entirely fueled by the generosity of the community, the Café sources its food through donations. The Café goes beyond providing meals; it imparts a sense of responsibility and ownership to the enrolled children. The children actively participate in serving food, fostering a community where no child should worry about their next meal or face health challenges due to inadequate nutrition. 

The South End Children's Café, a community project since 2015, has evolved to meet the needs of the times. Since the onset of COVID-19, the café has adapted its services, expanding from serving 60 children to more than 500. Their impact goes beyond nourishing the body; it nurtures the spirit and builds community through the simple yet powerful act of breaking bread.

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