West Hill Community Center

The City of Albany is currently engaged in the late stages of a West Hill Community Center Needs Assessment and Location Study. The goal of the Study is to identify the various types and level of demand for community services and programs. The City retained a consultant, BerryDunn, formerly GreenPlay, to help engage the community to determine their needs and desires for the community center, determine the potential locations for the center, and evaluate operations and funding options, including potential partnerships. The City of Albany and the consultant, BerryDunn, have completed an initial survey process and have gained preliminary insight into the diverse needs of the West Hill Community. The City of Albany and BerryDunn have reviewed the results of the Needs Assessment Survey and are working with residents of West Hill, West Hill neighborhood groups, community based organizations and companies to explore potential programmatic and service partnerships. The preliminary results of the survey show that the community needs and wants a vast array of services, including a gymnasium, recreational space, a pool, weight room, commercial kitchen, training classrooms, and employment services, meeting spaces, programs and services for seniors.

Following a competitive application and award process, the Mayor’s Office secured $2 million in ARPA funding to support the design, engineering, purchase of a site and construction of the West Hill Community Center.

Individuals, neighborhood and community groups, and local businesses interested in learning more about the project or partnering on the project are encouraged to email Jasmine A. Higgins, Policy Analyst & Special Advisor to the Mayor.

West Hill Community Center Needs Assessment Survey Results

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