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City of Albany to Host Temporary Curb Extension Demonstration on Lark Street

September 27, 2019

ALBANY, NY - The City of Albany will host a demonstration with temporary curb extensions and expanded pedestrian space as part of the Lark Street Improvement Study. View flyer here

Intersection curb extensions are key features being proposed as part of the Lark Street Improvement Study to shorten crossing distances, slow traffic, expand pedestrian space, and create opportunities for green infrastructure, art, outdoor dining, and other amenities. 

To test this design recommendation, temporary curb extensions will be installed at two intersections for one week using low-cost materials. The temporary curb extensions will be installed on Sunday, September 29, at the Lark Street/Hudson Avenue intersection and the Lark Street/State Street intersection. The temporary curb extensions will be removed on Sunday, October 6.

Members of the public are invited and encouraged to visit the temporary curb extensions firsthand. The project team will also be available at the demonstration project sites to answer questions and collect public feedback during the following dates and times:

Monday, September 30, from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Friday, October 4, from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (during Lark Street’s “First Friday” event)


The Lark Street Improvement Study aims to stimulate local economic growth and attract and retain residents, businesses, and visitors by developing design recommendations to:
  • Enhance and beautify the Lark streetscape
  • Support multiple modes of transportation
  • Improve parking access 
  • Strengthen connections to Washington Park and Downtown Albany
  • Create a strong sense of place
This study, to be completed in December 2019, will develop strategic design recommendations for Lark Street, from Madison Avenue to Washington Avenue. Design standards will also be developed that will be applicable to surrounding areas to strengthen local connections and create a cohesive sense of place.

The City of Albany, partnering with the Albany Parking Authority and Lark Street Business Improvement District, has hired Bergmann Associates as the lead consultant for the study. 

The study is supported by a grant recommended by the Capital Region Economic Development council during Round VIII of the Regional Council initiative.