Hydrant Inspections and Flushing

The Albany Water Department (AWD) inspects and flushes hydrants throughout the year to ensure that every hydrant performs properly and reliably. There are about 3,500 hydrants in the City. 

View map of current hydrant inspection locations. 

Tentative Schedule for 2020 Hydrant Inspections 
Ward 15  May 28 - June 26 
Ward 14  June 29 - July 27 
Ward 8 July 30 - September 4 
Ward 9  September 8 - October 9 
Ward 7 October 15 November 16 

What to expect when hydrants near you home are being inspected:

  • Low water pressure.
  • Water discoloration. This is caused by stirring up of sediment in the system and is not harmful. 

Steps to take:

  • Avoid doing laundry when water is discolored to prevent discoloration of clothes.
  • To remedy discoloration, run cold water in all your faucets for a few minutes or until clear.
Public Notification
Residents will receive doorhanger notification in advance of hydrant inspections. For updates from AWD, follow us at Facebook.com/AlbanyWater and @AlbanyWater

Regular hydrant inspection and flushing is vital in maintaining a good water supply for both firefighting and drinking water. If residents experience prolonged periods of water discoloration, they should call AWD dispatch at 518-434-5322.