Danni Smith

Albany Community Development Agency
Title: Housing Services Advocate
Phone: 518-434-5265
Danni Smith Photo

Danni was hired with a grant through Cities RISE, a program through the New York State Attorney General’s Office that funds innovative housing and code enforcement programs that fight blight. Danni’s focus is informing tenants about their rights and responsibilities through the City’s Good Neighbor School and other avenues.  

“One of my goals is to see a better relationship between tenants and landlords in the City,” says Danni, who notes that a healthy relationship can help stabilize housing for tenants and protect the investments of landlords. “I’d also like tenants to know more about what rights and resources are available to them.” For example, many tenants don’t know they have a right to housing that is safe, livable, and sanitary, and often don’t know that assistance is available through organizations such as Legal Aid and United Tenants of Albany.

Danni graduated from SUNY Potsdam with a bachelor’s of science in public health, and worked previously at Together, an anti-poverty agency in Omaha, Nebraska, where she did extensive research on homeless services, food security, and housing that was used to support effective advocacy and public policy on those issues. “Housing is a passion,” she says.


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