Bruce Logan

Construction Inspectors
Title: Building Inspector
Phone: 518-434-5995
Bruce Logan (Staff Directory)


Bruce, who grew up in Albany, has had a varied career. He started as a music teacher, then he did cabinetry work, and after that he worked for many years overseeing office rehabs nationally for Davies Office in Albany. In his current post, he likes traveling around the City in his job.

"I'm not a desk guy," he says. "I get to visit people and places in every corner of Albany." One of the things he likes most about being an inspector is the work atmosphere in the Building and Codes Department. "I'm grateful to have this job, and the people I work with are great, interesting people. Everybody gets along and works together." In his spare time, he likes to take his boat out on Lake George, where he lived before returning to Albany.


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