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Albany Water Board RFQ For The Provision of Professional Architecture/Engineering Services 35 Erie Blvd.

June 15, 2020

The  Albany  Water  Board  hereby  requests  Statements  of  Qualifications  (SOQ) from NYS licensed firms or individuals to provide Architecture/Engineering (A/E) services to the Albany Water Board (AWB) relating to programming, design, and construction phase  services  for  the AWB  facility at  35 Erie Blvd. in Albany. The 
Albany Water  Board  operates  the  City  of Albany water  supply  system, and  the sanitary  and  combined  sewer  collection  systems.  The  building  at  35  Erie  Blvd. was a former office for the Water Department and the building and property is currently  used  for  material  and  equipment  storage,  garaging  of  vehicles  and 

maintenance  of  equipment.  The  property  is  also  the  location  of  the  Water Department’s  staging and  storage  of  bulk materials;  backfill,  stone,  cold  patch, topsoil,  mulch  and  a  laydown  area  for  pipe,  precast  structures  and  other materials for maintenance and repair of the AWB water and sewer systems.  

A pdf of the Statement of Qualifications must be received by email no later than Friday, July 10th, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.. Mail or email SOQ to the following:  

City of Albany 
Department of Water & Water Supply 
10 N. Enterprise Drive 
Albany, New York 12204 

Download Albany Water Board RFQ for the Provision of Professional Architecture/Engineering Services 35 Erie Blvd.