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Albany Water Department Announces 2020 Fire Hydrant Inspection and Flushing Schedule

May 21, 2020

Date: May 19, 2020
Contact: Emily Lyons
(518) 545-7682

Albany, NY – Starting on May 28, the Albany Water Department (AWD) will be inspecting and flushing fire hydrants within the City. This annual program helps ensure every hydrant performs properly and reliably. Inspections and flushing will be ongoing through November 2020.

AWD strongly encourages residents and businesses to be aware when hydrant inspections are occurring in their neighborhood, as the process can cause lower water pressure and temporary water discoloration. Temporary discoloration is caused by the stirring up of sediment in the system and is not harmful. However, if a load of laundry is washed while water is discolored, discoloration to your clothes may occur.

“Albany residents understandably expect the Fire Department to respond quickly to emergency situations, however our firefighting services only work when we have readily available access to water,” said Albany Fire Department Chief Joseph Gregory. “The Water Department’s Hydrant Inspection and Flushing Program helps guarantee our water supply is available when it is needed most.”  

Hydrant inspections and flushing will only take place on weekdays. When hydrant inspections and flushing are occurring in your neighborhood, AWD advises to limit laundry washes and to check for discolored water before doing laundry.

A map will be updated at to show where active hydrant inspections and flushing are occurring. Neighborhoods will also be notified with door hangers and electronic message boards.

“Inspecting and flushing the City’s approximately 3,500 hydrants is a big task and we understand it comes with some inconvenience,” said Albany Water Commissioner Joe Coffey. “We appreciate the cooperation of residents and businesses in helping us complete this necessary process to ensure adequate fire protection.”

Any temporary water discoloration can be remedied by running cold water faucets for several minutes or until clear. If any residents experience prolonged periods of water discoloration, they should call AWD Dispatch at (518) 434-5322.

Tentative Schedule for 2020 Hydrant Inspections
Please visit for a map of active inspection locations.
Ward 15  May 28-June 26 
Ward 14 June 29-July 27 
Ward 8 July 30-September 4 
Ward 9 September 8-October 9 
Ward 7 October 15-November 16