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Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan Provides Update to City Residents Regarding COVID-19 Outbreak Response

March 20, 2020

Date: March 20, 2020
Contact: David Galin

(518) 801-2857 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan Reiterates Call of Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy and Albany County Health Commissioner Dr. Elizabeth Whalen to Continue Following Social Distancing Guidelines 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan Calls on Federal Government to Making More COVID-19 Test Kits Available Across the Country, Including in the Capital Region and City of Albany 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan Issues New Emergency Orders to Extend Prohibition of Evictions Within the City of Albany and Suspend Metered Parking and Metered Parking Enforcement 

ALBANY, NY – Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan provided residents with a video update regarding the City’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

To view Mayor Sheehan’s message, please visit the City’s facebook page.  To download a copy of Mayor Sheehan’s message, please visit 

COVID-19 Testing & Federal Advocacy Update:

In response to Thursday evening’s news that Albany Medical Center and St. Peter’s Health Partners are now limiting COVID-19 testing to inpatient individuals and medical providers due to a lack of available tests regionally and nationally, Mayor Sheehan echoed the call of Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy and Albany County Health Commissioner Dr. Elizabeth Whalen – urging residents to not fall into a false sense of security should they see a decreased rate in confirmed COVID-19 cases in Albany County.  Now more than ever it is imperative that residents do everything possible to “flatten the curve.” 

As a result of this new information, Mayor Sheehan spent a portion of the day speaking with Senator Schumer’s office, Senator Gillibrand’s office, and directly with Congressman Tonko to reiterate her call to the federal government to make more COVID-19 test kits available across the country, including in the Capital Region and City of Albany. 

Suspension of Metered Parking in City of Albany:

In an effort to eliminate unnecessary financial hurdles as the City and State urges residents to stay home as much as possible, Mayor Sheehan announced today that all metered parking and the enforcement of metered parking has been suspended in the City of Albany, effective Friday, March 20 at 6:00pm. 

The City continues to call on residents to comply with alternate-side parking rules because the rules serve two critical functions:

  • First, the rules facilitate the City’s street cleaning operations throughout the city. In dense neighborhoods, street cleaning serves a critical public health role. The build-up of leaves, debris and litter on our streets attracts rodents, and increases the risk that pedestrians, cyclists, and pets are exposed to elements that will adversely impact their health, including microorganisms and viruses. This debris also clogs storm drains, which can result in localized flooding during weather events. Alternate-side parking is also directly related to trash and recycling removal.
  • Second, in many neighborhoods, alternate-side parking is necessary to provide room for emergency vehicles to respond to calls for service. On those streets, suspension is simply not possible and now is not the time to create confusion and uncertainty by changing rules on an ad hoc basis. 

Below is a list of off-street parking lots that continue to be available for off-street parking: 


  • Parking Area Adjoining Arbor Hill Softball Field (North Lark St.)
  • 230 Colonie St. (Playground Lot)
  • 178 Colonie St. (Playground Lot)
  • Ten Broeck Mansion (Parking Lot & Sidewalk West End) 


  • Ridgefield Park (Enter on Partridge St.)
  • Woodlawn Park Little League 


  • Krank Park Area
  • Franklin St. (Between Schuyler St. & Bassett St. – East Side)
  • Lincoln Park (All Interior Roadways & Parking Area - the time-limit restrictions have been lifted effective Tuesday, March 17) 


  • SUNY Albany’s Thurlow Terrace Lot (do not park in designated EV Charger spots unless charging an electronic vehicle)
  • Washington Park roads open to vehicle traffic, including Henry Johnson Boulevard (the time-limit restrictions have been lifted effective Tuesday, March 17) 


  • North Second St. & North Third St. (Above Pearl St.)
  • Parking Area across from North Albany American Legion Post 


  • Bleecker Stadium (Parking Area & Roadways)
  • North Side of Livingston Ave. (Opposite Judson St. Parking Lot) 

Reminding Residents About Contact-Free Recreational Opportunities:

Earlier today, Governor Cuomo called on New York State residents to avoid recreational activities that involve person-to-person contact, such as basketball, and instead encouraged various contact-free activities such as walking, running, and hiking.  Mayor Sheehan informed residents they would begin to see signs on playground equipment discouraging their use at this time.  Mayor Sheehan also reminded residents of the various contact-free activity spaces available in the City, including at the Corning Preserve, Tivoli Park, Washington Park, Lincoln Park, and Capital Hills Golf Course (which will remain open exclusively to walkers at this time). 

Call to Limit Garbage and Recycling Left Curbside:

Mayor Sheehan also called on residents to help do their part by limiting the amount of garbage and recycling left curbside in the coming week.  With warmer weather upon us, the City understands individuals will be motivated to undertake “spring cleaning,” however the City is asking residents to limit the amount of material they dispose of to prevent exposing the hardworking members of the Department of General Services to more materials than necessary. 

COVID-19 Prevention Reminders:

As a reminder, please visit the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the New York State Department of Health and the Albany County Department of Health for the most recent guidelines regarding COVID-19 precautions and symptoms. 

All individuals are urged to continue following social distancing protocols, including staying at home as much as possible, especially if you feel ill but even if you feel well, keeping at least 6 feet from other individuals, avoiding unnecessary appointments, regularly washing hands, covering coughs, avoiding the touching of face, eyes, mouth, nose, and ears, and taking special caution to avoid exposing the elderly and people with underlying health conditions. 

You may also find a variety of City of Albany-specific COVID-19 response information, including information regarding where to access food or child care, school closures, and how to volunteer, by visiting our COVID-19 City of Albany Resource Guide.