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Elberon Place Construction

May 31, 2017

The City of Albany has historically experienced flash flooding and system surcharging issues throughout the Beaver Creek sewershed; with frequent and substantial damages occurring within the Quail Street Neighborhood along Elberon Place. 

These conditions cause flood damage to public and private properties and create potential health hazards to the public.  As part of this project a dedicated storm sewer line is being constructed along Elberon Place to provide conveyance of runoff from Quail Street and Elberon Place to the Washington Park Lake.  Conveyance of flows to the lake will provide for the "free drainage" of the low-lying area on Elberon Place and serve to re-establish natural floodplain storage which previously existed along Beaver Creek.  Automatic controls at the outlet of the lake will help mitigate combine sewer overflows into the Hudson River.

Construction will start within the park on June 5th and work towards Quail St.

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For more information or questions please contact Neil O’Connor, P.E., Engineer in the AWD at (518) 434-5336 or