Transition Team Report

The topical sections of this report were compiled through the concerted efforts of seven subcommittees of City of Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan’s Transition Team. Given their charge by Mayor-elect Sheehan on November 26, 2013, the subcommittees completed their work in late December, and the report was compiled and edited in early January 2014. The Transition Team process was overseen by four lead chairs: Dr. Robert Jones, President of UAlbany; Hon. John J. McEneny, former New York State Assembly Member and a former city commissioner; Kevin O’Connor, former CEO of First Light Inc. and the Center for Economic Growth; and Hon. Nancy M. Burton, former City of Albany Comptroller and former member of the Common Council.

The teams were led by 22 co-chairs and consisted of nearly 100 local residents and stakeholders from across sectors and with different areas of interest and expertise. The names of the co-chairs and team members are listed at the beginning of each section. 

To view a copy of the Transition Team Report click here.