Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan - Bio

On January 1st, 2014, Kathy M. Sheehan became Albany, New York’s 75th mayor. On January 1st, 2018, she was sworn in for her second term. Mayor Sheehan has dedicated her administration to unleashing Albany’s full potential, leading with a commitment to community, equity, and opportunity. She is an energetic champion of the renaissance now underway in Albany, and is working to revitalize all of the City’s neighborhoods.

Mayor Sheehan is committed to efficient and responsive government that includes diverse community voices. Since taking office, Mayor Sheehan has initiated major changes, including implementing the largest annual spending decrease in more than 15 years, modernizing City Hall, completing the first successful rezoning of the City in more than half a century, and securing an unprecedented $12.5 million in new municipal aid.  

Mayor Sheehan directed Albany to become only the third city in the nation to implement Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD), providing police officers with alternatives to incarceration and connecting individuals with necessary resources to reduce recidivism.  During her administration, Mayor Sheehan has also launched a new $1 million vacant building rehabilitation program and $1.5 million poverty reduction initiative, enhanced Albany’s parks and award-winning Summer Youth Employment Program, implemented traffic calming initiatives to make Albany’s streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, and lead the steady transformation of the City’s downtown into a new urban neighborhood.

In 2010, after winning a city-wide election, Mayor Sheehan became Albany’s Treasurer and Chief Fiscal Officer, implementing changes to improve the City’s fiscal policies and overhauling the City’s parking ticket system. She is also a founding member of the Albany Promise, a coalition of community members, educators, service providers and business leaders working to ensure that every child in Albany succeeds academically. 

Growing up in a large family that valued hard work and community service, Kathy put herself through college, earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism. After a five-year career in communications, Kathy attended Albany Law School on an academic scholarship, graduating magna cum laude in 1994.

After working for a highly regarded law firm, she went on to become vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of Intermagnetics General Corporation, a leading medical device manufacturer based in Latham. 

Kathy and her husband Bob are committed community members, having served on the boards of a number of community-based organizations. They live in the City’s 8th ward with their teenage son.