Housing Affordability Task Force


The City of Albany Housing Affordability Task Force was convened by Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan on April 20, 2016. Made up of landlords, tenants, community and government leaders, the Task Force’s goal is to study the issue of affordable housing in the City of Albany, assess the demand for and supply of it, and explore ways the City of Albany can protect existing opportunities for quality, stable, and affordable housing for city residents and extend those opportunities to underserved communities. The Task Force is called upon to release a report twice each year containing recommendations for the Mayor and Common Council concerning affordable housing in our City.


City of Albany released its preliminary report on November 14, 2016. Click here to view report.

How to Get Involved:

The Housing Affordability Task Force is looking for input from the community about their experience with finding or providing affordable housing in the City of Albany and there are a number of ways residents can get involved.

First, we would be grateful if you could fill out our survey. Here are the links:

Tenant Survey
Landlord Survey

Second, the Task Force is looking for information about the state of affordable housing in the City. If there is information you would like the share with the Task Force contact the Task Force at hatf@albanyny.gov

Third, attend a public workshop. The Task Force is hosting a series of public workshops where tenant and landlord stakeholders can come together to discuss affordable housing, identify what our needs are with respect to affordability housing, and identify how we can meet those needs. For information about our public workshops, see our Public Workshops page.

Contact Information
Robert Magee,  HATF Co-Chair
Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance
200 Henry Johnson Boulevard 
Albany, New York 12210
(518) 434-5995