Executive Orders

There shall be a Mayor who shall be the chief executive officer and administrative head of the City government. The executive power of the City is vested in the Mayor and in such executive offices and departments as are presently set forth in the Code of the City of Albany, or as subsequently created, modified, combined or discontinued by a duly enacted local law of the Common Council.  The Mayor shall be responsible for the day to day administration and supervision of all City affairs, executive officers, and departments, offices and agencies of the City, except offices headed by an elected official.

Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan (2013-present)

1-17  4/24/2017  City of Albany Policy Regarding Community Policing and Protecting Immigrants
1-20  6/8/2020  City of Albany Policy Regarding the Albany Police Department's Use of Force and Training Policies 
2-20 6/11/2020  City of Albany Executive Order Directing Removal of Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler Statue
3-20  6/17/2020  City of Albany Executive Order Declaring June 19, Juneteenth, a Holiday
4-20  8/21/20  City of Albany Executive Order Amending Executive Order No. 3-20 Entitled "Declaring Juneteenth a Holiday in the City of Albany"