City Hall on the Road

Mayor Sheehan is once again bringing City of Albany departments into the community with City Hall on the Road. This series of public open house events allows representatives from several City departments to bring valuable information and resources to the public and give residents the opportunity to meet with the Mayor and other City officials.

We realize that it can be difficult to get to City departments, especially during normal business hours, so we have organized this effort to bring City resources to the community.  Due to COVID-19, our 2020 City Hall on the Road dates have been postponed. Please check back from updated information. 

 Date  Time  Location

Below is a list of services that will be available at City Hall on the Road. In addition, residents will be able to speak one on one with the Mayor and City Department Heads.

Mayor Sheehan & Mayor's Office

The Mayor and Mayor’s Office staff will be available to answer general questions regarding City of Albany services and departments.

City Clerk’s Office
Special Event, Cabaret & Café applications and assistance will be available, however these applications need departmental approval and therefore will not be issued on site.  Residents will need to bring the required documents when applying for licenses and other approvals.  Please click here for more information regarding required documents needed for applications.  

Dog licenses can be issued on the date of the event, however dog owners must bring proof of ownership, proof of rabies vaccination or a certificate stating why the life of the dog would be endangered by the vaccine (for all dogs four months or older), and if the dog is spayed or neutered, a certificate showing that the dog has been spayed or neutered. Check is the only accepted form of payment (cash or credit cards will not be accepted.)

Department of General Services

Recycling bins will be available.

Available Documents:

  • “When it snows in Albany…” - brochure explaining what to do in snow emergencies, where to park, responsibilities of shoveling, etc.
  • “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reuse” - brochure explaining the importance of recycling, how to reduce waste, etc. 
  • “Emerald Ash Borer”  - flyer from NYS DEC explaining how to spot Ash Beatle damage in Ash trees, and contact info for Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • “Household Hazardous Waste & Electronics Drop-Off Days” - flyer stating when the drop off days are, what can and cannot be accepted at the drop off days
  • “Infested Item Pick Up” - flyer explaining how to dispose of items infested with bed bugs, and a reminder that it is illegal to place infested items in public right-of-ways when not wrapped in plastic
  • “City Code Reminders” - flyer explaining household trash pickup, yard waste, construction debris, and snow removal codes
  • “Dog Parks” - flyer providing rules for dog parks and directions to the four dog parks in Albany
  • “Bag Your Yard Waste!”- flyer explaining how the recycling program in Albany works, when to put garbage out, what is allowed to be put out, etc.

Buildings and Regulatory Compliance

Available documents:

  • Copies of all permit applications, FAQs, and permit guides

Available Services:

  • Schedule complaint inspections
  • Schedule ROPs
  • Accept permit applications
  • Issue roofing permits
  • Issue siding permits in non-historic or overlay districts
  • Consult on permit applications, zoning issues, etc.
  • Process Waste Collection Fee Exemptions

Planning Department

Available Information:

  • Board of Zoning Appeals Applications
  • Planning Board Site Plan Applications
  • Historic Resource Commission Applications
  • Rezone material, schedule, draft documents, next steps
  • Tivoli Preserve Visioning Plan
  • Various Sustainability Initiatives

Albany Community Development Agency

Available Information:

  • Information and pictures (before and after) about our rehab programs and also the housing and public service programs
  • Most recent map of completed rehab projects 
  • Flyers and program application packets  
  • Booklet titled “Renovate Right” which is a guide for rehabbing a home using lead-safe practices 

Recreation/ Youth and Workforce Services

Available Information: 

  • Fitness program flyers and registration cards
  • Park redesign poster boards
  • Workforce resource information and guides

Albany Police Department

Available Information:

  • Crime prevention material
  • ACPAC information
  • Program/Initiative information
  • Pop-Up Event information
  • CPRB information
  • Safe Child ID

Albany Fire Department

Available Information: 

  • Information about recruitment, fire prevention, EMS, outdoor grilling, and fire safety
  • Recruitment flyers
  • Cadet program
  • Department functions and responses to various types of incidents

Human Resources

Department staff will provide information on City of Albany job and exam postings and applications.

Engineering Department

Department staff will be on hand to answer questions about contracted paving and will provide information regarding engineering projects.

Albany Water Department

Available Information:

  • Multiple Project Display Boards and Photos of AWD facilities
  • Backwater Valve Applications
  • Basic Creek Fishing Permit Information Packets
  • Annual Water Quality Reports
  • Information on Lead in Drinking Water
  • Information on Water Conservation
  • Information on Stormwater Management (Rain Barrels, Rain Gardens)

Cultural Affairs & Special Events

Department staff will be available to answer questions regarding upcoming special events and community arts outreach.

Capitalize Albany

Available Information:

General Overview

  • Annual Report
  • Impact Downtown Briefing Books

Small Business Development:

  • Resource Guide
  • Partner Guide

Amplify Albany

  • Flyer 
  • Application

Downtown Retail Grant Program

  • Flyer
  • Application

Regional Economic Development Councils (depending on timing)

  • Transformative Project Application
  • One Resource Guide

City Treasurer

Department staff will be on hand to answer general questions regarding: Property Taxes; Parking Tickets; Bill Payment Information.