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Career Central Calendar - November 2017

Albany’s Workforce Solution Center

Serving employers and job seekers.

Located in Albany’s Career Center, the Department of Youth and Workforce Services with over 35 years of experience, operates a variety of federal and stated funded activities designed to assist job seekers and employers with their workforce needs. 

A key operating principle of the Department of Youth and Workforce Services is to create an interchange between employers and job seekers that responds to current and future workforce demands in the Albany area.

Services for job seekers include:

  • Employment statistics information on the labor market;
  • Job vacancy listings;
  • Information on job skills necessary to obtain employment;
  • Local occupations in demand, earnings and required skills;
  • Job search assistance;
  • Use of telephone bank, fax, voice mail and copier service to conduct job search;
  • Use of computer bank with Internet connection to conduct job search;
  • Use of our Career Resource library with hundreds of reference materials, newspapers and periodicals;
  • Interest inventories and aptitude tests;
  • Access to training for qualified customer;
  • Career Portal.

To download a job seekers brochure click here
To download a business brochure click here.

Services for employers include:

  • Customized training for employees;
  • On-the-Job training contracts;
  • Job posting options;
  • Information on tax credits;
  • Information on federal and state employer related initiatives;
  • Use of facility to conduct job interviews;
  • Access to our pool of pre-screened job seekers.

Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment insurance claims can be filed online. Visit the NYS Department of Labor for more information. 

Contact Information

Career Central
175 Central Avenue
Albany, NY 12206 
Phone: (518) 462-7600 
Fax: (518) 434-9742 

Phone: (518) 242-8257
            For Businesses: 
            Robert Wildermuth III 
            Phone: (518) 242-8220
            Fax: (518) 447-5967
            For Job Seekers in Albany County: 
            Phone: (518) 242-8257