Summer Youth Employment Program

The City of Albany's LIGHT (Learning, Initiative and Gaining Headway Together) Summer Youth Employment Program is designed to provide any young City of Albany resident, age 14-18, with a summer work experience. 

The goals of the program are to:
  • Introduce and prepare youth for the world of work.
  • Help youth identify career interests and attain skills and good work habits.
  • Provide income to youth, which may also supplement family income.
LIGHT received a Livability Award from the U.S. Conference of Mayors for its Friday enrichment program, which includes a financial literacy workshop, a tour at UAlbany, a career exploration workshop, and a “Know Your Rights” program led by representatives from the Albany Police Department and the Center for Law and Justice. This “fifth day” of enrichment resulted from input from parents, participants and community leaders to make sure Albany’s youth are exposed to the broad opportunities that are available to them as they plan for their futures.

LIGHT strives to introduce and prepare youth for the world of work by helping them identify career interests and attain skills and good work habits. This is also a source of income for the participants. 

The program runs five (5) days per week for five (5) weeks. The first date of employment is Monday, July 13th, the last is Friday, August 14th. Job assignments will be mailed to the home address on file by June 24th. Participants will earn $11.80/hour.

Eligibility requirements:
  • Age 14 or older on or before March 28, 2020
  • Attending a middle or high school in the City of Albany
  • A resident of the City of Albany

Job Categories Work Sites
Camp Counselor  PAL
4-H Summer Scene
Boys & Girls Club 
Office/Medical  Albany City Schools
Albany Libraries
City of Albany Department or Recreation
City of Albany Youth & Workforce Services
City of Albany Human Resources
City of Albany Department of Water and Water Supply
City of Albany Treasurer's Office
Police/Fire Cadets APD
Day Care/Child Care  YMCA
Elder Care  Drake Manor
Senior Services 
Maintenance   Albany City Schools 
Albany Housing Authority
Arts  Stephen & Harriet Myers Residence 
Engineering/Science/Technology (STEP) STEP

Applications must be submitted by the students at one of the following locations and times:
  • Wednesday, March 11th, 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Giffen Memorial Elementary School - 274 S. Pearl St.  12202
  • Wednesday, March 18th, 4 p.m.-7 p.m. Albany High School - 700 Washington Ave. 12203
  • Saturday, March 21st,  9 a.m.-12 p.m. TOAST - 94 Delaware Ave. 12202
  • Saturday, March 28th, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Bleecker Stadium - 721 Clinton Ave. 12206
Applications submitted by mail will not be accepted and will be mailed back to the student(s).

Applications will not be accepted without the following documents:
  • 1 copy of the student’s Social Security card
  • 1 copy of the student’s Birth Certificate
  • The original and 1 copy of the student’s Albany City School District Working Paper card (if under 18 years old)
  • 1 copy of the student’s current picture ID (if 18 years of age or older)
  • 1 copy of the student’s alien resident card with alien registration number and date of entry to US (if not a US citizen) 
Applications are also available at:
  • All Albany middle and high school guidance and/or business offices
  • The Department of Youth and Workforce Services: 175 Central Ave. – 2nd Floor OR 382 Clinton Ave. – Youth Services Office
  • The Department of Recreation, 7 Hoffman Ave.
  • The Summer Youth Employment Program office, Bleecker Stadium, 721 Clinton Ave.
  • By clicking the link below

Orientation is MANDATORY for ALL students who participate in Albany’s LIGHT Summer Youth Employment Program. It is scheduled for May 16th, 2020 at Thomas O'Brien Academy for Science and Technology (TOAST) located at 94 Delaware Ave. Albany, NY 12202. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to attend, however ALL employees are required to attend orientation and will be notified by mail of the specific time. Employees who fail to attend orientation will not be assigned to a worksite.

The first date of employment is Monday, July 13th; the last is Friday, August 14th. Employees will work 20 hours per week. Job assignments will be mailed to the home address on file on June 22nd.

All Students will be paid $11.80 per hour. Students must notify the Summer Youth Employment Office immediately if attending summer school as this may affect his or her job assignment.  

Download Information:
To download an application for 2020 Summer Youth Employment Program click here.
To download the 2020 Worksite Agreement click here.
To download an application for the 2020 Summer Youth Cadet Program click here.
To download examples of summer jobs click here.

Contact Information

Bleecker Stadium
721 Clinton Avenue
Albany, NY 12206
(518) 438-1082