Albany Youth Build

Over the years, the Department has served as a leader in the community of Albany in its efforts to mobilize and allocate resources to solve youth problems and improve the quality of life for young people. In 2003, the National League of Cities recognized the Department for its success in serving vulnerable youth. The City of Albany was one of three cities selected to serve as a model for having successfully reengaged disconnected youth through a cross systems approach. The myriad of programs housed under the auspices of the Department of Youth and Workforce Services all contain the key elements that help young people to succeed - personal safety, structure, a sense of belonging and access to learning opportunities.

Albany YouthBuild

Albany YouthBuild (AYB) is a comprehensive community development program. The mission of AYB is to provide young people with the opportunity to rebuild their communities and their own lives through a commitment to work, education, and individual and community leadership.

Albany YouthBuild is:

A community service program in which young people get to build housing for homeless and/or other low income people, providing the most valuable and visible commodity for their hard pressed communities; an alternative to school.  AYB members spend 50% of their program time pursuing academic goals, which may include vocational and remedial education, high school diploma or GED diploma and preparation for higher education;

  • A job training and pre-apprenticeship program in which young people share the governance of their own program and participate actively in local community affairs;
  • A youth development program in which young people participate in counseling, peer support groups and life-planning processes that assist them in healing past hurts, overcoming negative habits and attitudes and pursing achievable goals that will establish a productive life;
  • A long-term mini-community in which young people make new friends committed to a positive lifestyle.
  • A community development program in which community organizations obtain the resources to tackle several community issues at once, strengthening their capacity to build and manage housing for their residents, educate and inspire their youth, create leadership for the future and generally take responsibility for their neighborhoods.

If you are planning for a year, plant rice.
If you are planning for a decade, plant trees.
If you are planning for a future,
Educate a person.

- Old Chinese Proverb

Contact Information

Michael Longo
Albany YouthBuild Coordinator
175 Central Avenue - 2nd Floor
Albany, NY 12206
(518) 434-5058