Melrose Neighborhood Flood Mitigation Study

The Melrose-Marion-Western neighborhood has a history of flooding and sewer backups. To find solutions, Albany Water Department (AWD) is currently working with ARCADIS US, an engineering consulting firm, to develop a stormwater model and flood mitigation study to identify potential projects to address these issues. The study will be completed in the fall of 2019 and the study methodology will not only be applied to the Melrose area, but also duplicated in other parts of the City.

AWD is looking for residents’ input on flooding in the area.

To find out if you are located in the study area, search for your address on our interactive map. If you are in the study area and can provide information on flooding events, please fill out this online form. Photos and videos are also able to be uploaded through the form. 

To report an issue at any time throughout the City, please call Dispatch at 518-434-5322.