Working Woodlands

The Albany Water Department and Albany Water Board are entering into an agreement to participate in The Nature Conservancy’s Working Woodlands Program – a program that will safeguard clean drinking water for the City of Albany, protect critical forests, and generate revenue by marketing carbon credits to a voluntary carbon market. 

As part of the agreement, The Nature Conservancy conducted a forest and carbon inventory and prepared a ten-year Forest Management Plan for the Albany Water Board. The plan will be presented at the next Albany Water Board meeting on Oct. 26, 2018 at 9:30 AM. The meeting is open to the public and will include a public comment period. 

Additionally, the Conservancy will provide ongoing advice on forest management planning, implementation, and other conservation related issues, and provide inventory, design, statistical guidance, quantification and modeling services related to the development of carbon credits for the voluntary carbon market.

Benefits of the Working Woodlands Program

  • Establish a conservation easement to maintain and improve ecological and economic values associated with forests, waters and other habitats on Albany Water Board lands;
  • Conduct a rigorous inventory of property resources and collect all data necessary to sufficiently characterize and manage ecological and economic values including forest carbon;
  • Maintain and improve the rate and amount of carbon sequestered on the Water Board lands, and generate revenue through the sale of carbon credits on the voluntary carbon market;
  • Preparation of a ten year Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) C008922 certified management plan; 
  • Enrolling the Forest Management Plan in the Conservancy's FSC group certificate allowing for FSC-certified wood product revenue streams;
  • Assisting the Water Board with major aspects of FSC management plan implementation including but not limited to:
    • Identification of preferred service providers;
    • Coordination of access to state and federal cost-share programs;
    • Ongoing interaction and forestry education with Conservancy's forestry staff and cooperating network of service providers
Property Location

For more information please contact:

Amy Walsh, Forester & Watershed Management
(518) 756-6495
Joseph E. Coffey, Jr., P.E., Commissioner
(518) 434-5300
Department of Water & Water Supply
10 North Enterprise Drive Albany, NY 12204
(518) 434-5300 (Office hours: 8:30 AM.-4:30 PM, Monday - Friday)