System Specs and Capacity

Vital Statistics

Alcove Reservoir

Located in the Town of Coeymans
Constructed 1928-1932
12 billion gallons storage
600 day supply when full
average depth 25 feet, maximum depth 75 feet
1,426 water acres
18 miles of shoreline
6,300 acres of watershed land

Basic Creek Reservoir

Located in Town of Westerlo
Constructed 1928-1932
716 million gallons storage
average depth 17 feet
265 water acres
4 miles of shoreline

Loudonville Reservoir

Located in Albany and the Town of Colonie
Constructed 1920-1936
200 million gallons of distribution storage in three concrete basins
UV Treatment Facility

Feura Bush Water Treatment Facility

Located in Town of Bethlehem
Constructed 1928-1932
modern water treatment facility
processes up to 32 million gallons per day

Water Production

Average annual water production is over 7 billion gallons
Average daily production ranges from 19 to 20 million gallons