Water Board

Department of Water and Water Supply

The Albany Water Board ascertains what sources are most available, desirable and best for the supply of pure and wholesome water for the City of Albany. The Board manages public lands, reservoirs, filter plants, aqueducts, rights-of-way, watercourses and drainage areas. The Board also operates the City's sewer collection system and transmits sewerage to the county for processing, in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies. 


The Department of Water and Water Supply will deliver a reliable and high quality supply of water to our customers, including fire protection; we will collect and safely convey wastewater to treatment facilities and comply with all of our regulatory permit requirements and conditions; we will provide a safe work environment for our employees; we will provide courteous, responsive and professional service to our customers and a work environment that is supportive and respectful of each other.

Adopted by AWB: September 25, 2015
Resolution: 15-33

Members and Dates of Expiration
  • Charles G. Houghton, III, Chairperson (12/31/21)
  • Rachel M. Johnson, Vice Chairperson  (12/31/19) 
  • C. Anthony Owens, Treasurer (12/31/19)
  • Barbara Smith, Secretary (12/31/20)
  • Karen Strong, Assistant Secretary (12/31/21)
Governance Committee
  • Rachel M. Johnson, Chairperson
  • C. Anthony Owens
  • Barbara Smith
Finance Committee
  • C. Anthony Owens, Chairperson
  • Rachel M. Johnson
  • Karen Strong
Audit Committee
  • Barbara Smith, Chairperson
  • Rachel M. Johnson
  • Karen Strong

Contact Information

Department of Water Department and Water Supply
City of Albany
10 N. Enterprise Drive
Albany, NY 12204
Phone: (518) 434-5300

Unless otherwise noted, regularly scheduled meetings of the Albany Water Board will be conducted on the fourth Friday of the month in the Albany Water Department Conference Room located at 10 North Enterprise Drive, Albany, NY 12204. Each meeting is scheduled to start at 9:00 am. 

The 2019 meeting schedule for the Albany Water Board follows:

January 25  April 26  July 26 October 25 
February 22  May 17  August 23 November 22 
March 22  June 28 September 27 December 20 

View Agenda for the meeting on Friday, October 25. 
View Finance Committee Agenda for the meeting on Friday, October 25.

View the complete 2019 Board and Committee meeting schedule.

City of Albany General Code Chapter 371 Article II Sections 371-14 to 371-53. Click on the following link to view a copy of the Albany Water Board By-Laws


See table below for Water Board Policies.

 Index of Albany Water Board Policies
 Albany Water Board Policy  Date Adopted Latest Revision Date  Resolution Number   Latest Review Date
 Indemnification  3/10/1987  8/28/2015  15-26  
 Investment  1/5/1989  8/28/2015  15-26  
 Executive Session  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Extension of Credit  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Procurement  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Property Disposition  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Property Acquisition  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Billing Adjustments  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Ethical Conduct  8/28/2015    15-26  
 Conflict of Interest  9/25/2015    15-32  
 Mission Statement  9/25/2015    15-33  
 Whistleblower  5/26/2016    16-19  
 Excavation  6/27/2016    16-32  
 Senior Discount Program  3/22/2019    19-08  
 Water Bill Forgiveness  4/26/2019    19-26  
 updated: August 14, 2019


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