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The Department of Water and Water Supply emphasizes four primary Core Values; Safety, Customer Service, Professionalism and Sustainability. If we focus on our core values and execute our duties and responsibilities, the Department will be in the best position to serve our customers, work safely, promote teamwork and establish a sound foundation for the future by managing our assets within a framework focused on sustainability.  

We aspire to be the model public utility in the Northeast.

Mission Statement – The Department of Water and Water Supply will deliver a reliable and high quality supply of water to our customers, including fire protection; we will collect and safely convey wastewater to treatment facilities and comply with all of our regulatory permit requirements and conditions; we will provide a safe work environment for our employees; we will provide courteous, responsive and professional service to our customers and a work environment that is supportive and respectful of each other.

Goals – high level
  • We will supply water to our customers with 100% reliability (quality and quantity)
  • We will maintain our system and plan future improvements to our system to keep 100% of the sanitary sewage “in the pipes”
  • We will train our staff and operate our facilities to achieve 100% compliance with all regulatory permit conditions and requirements
  • We will emphasize safety training and workplace performance and behaviors to strive for no missed work days resulting from work place injuries
  • We will invest as stewards to protect and preserve the long-term functionality of our infrastructure, including creating a detailed inventory of fixed assets to be updated annually to account for new and rehabilitated assets
  • We will invest and incorporate technology to increase operational efficiency (e.g. leak detection)
  • We will implement performance based metrics aligned with department goals and track as key performance indicators
  • We will administer the City of Albany MS4 program (Municipal Separated Storm Sewer Systems) to protect natural watercourses from pollution.
  • We will respond to flooding problems, including assisting the City of Albany with the maintenance and repair of drainage systems, review of new projects in regard to grading and runoff, and review of flood risks and mitigation.
  • We will undertake planning for future water, sewer and storm water infrastructure needs for new development in the City of Albany.
The Department uses a series of performance measures that we call Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are measured and tracked. They are identified as follows:

Key Performance Indicators
  • Water/Sewer Revenue
  • Operating Expenses
  • Net Operating Cash Flow
  • Net Cash Flow (after Debt Service and Capital Project expenses)
  • Water Produced
  • Water Sold
  • Unaccounted Water Produced
  • Overtime (by Unit)
  • Orions Installed (meter conversion program)
  • Incident Reports
  • Water/Sewer Line Breaks & Repairs
  • Preventive Maintenance statistics - sewer footage cleaned and televised
  • Leak detection - blocks and footage of pipe tested
  • Locations (provided to contractors and outside utilities)
  • Wastewater Discharges to Albany County Sewer District
2017 Accomplishments– Department of Water and Water Supply


  • Published and implemented a Department Safety Plan and a Confined Space Entry Program. 
  • Implemented formal safety training on all of our job safety hazard assessments. 
  • Completed a written Safety Program Gap Assessment to enable us to develop our Safety Program for 2018. 
Reduce Unaccounted for Water 
  • The Department increased a key performance indicator (kpi); blocks tested, linear feet water main tested for leak detection in 2017 with the addition of a night shift dedicated solely to leak detection.
Compliance with Consent Order & Long Term Control Plan 
  • Met all milestone dates associated with the Consent Order to abate Combined Sewer Overflows.
  • Received NYSDEC approval of the Preliminary Design Report for the Beaver Creek (Big C”) Floatables and Disinfection Control facility. 
  • Executed an agreement with The Nature Conservancy to promote sustainable timber management practices on our Alcove Reservoir watershed property, including revenue generation from the carbon exchange market. 
  • Continued the use of goats to assist in grounds maintenance at the Loudonville Reservoir.
Asset Management 
  • Continued implementation of an Asset Management program for water and sewer infrastructure that includes digital and GIS attribute mapping, risk assessment and prioritized scheduling of capital projects.
Preventive Maintenance 
  • Exceeded the kpi goal for sewer system preventive maintenance in 2017 (linear feet of sewer cleaned). 
Leak Detection 
  • Exceeded the kpi goal for leak detection in 2017 (number of blocks tested). 
Capital Improvements 
  • Completed the Hansen/Ryckman CSO Abatement and Flood Mitigation Projects.
  • Completed the Mariette Place Green Infrastructure Project.
  • Completed the North Swan Street Green Infrastructure Project.
  • Completed the Elberon Place CSO Abatement & Flood Mitigation Project. 
  • Completed additional building and process improvements at our Water Treatment Plant and improvements to Basin “C” at the Loudonville Reservoir. 
  • Completed the lining of 6,050 feet of small diameter (12”- 20”) and 1,075 feet of large diameter (84”) sewer.
  • Completed the installation of a new 16” water main on Hackett Blvd. 
  • The Department received over $25 million in grant awards in 2017 for our capital program.
  • Implemented Phase 2 of the Sewer Automation and Data Collection (SCADA) System in 2017.  
  • Migration to Orion radio read meters is more than 98 percent complete.   
  • Migration to cellular end point reading systems (next generation advanced metering technology) on meter Route # 7 (high use customers) was completed.
Administration & Finance 
  • Concluded 2016 Independent Audit of AWD Financial Statements with clean opinion and no adjustments.
  • Completed migration to new ERP platform completed (Purchasing, A/P G/L all on ERP).
  • Completed migration to Kronos time and attendance software platform. 
  • Upgraded Springbrook (Water Department billing software) to V7. 
  • Implemented and initiated an On-line bill payment program.
  • PARIS updated for AMWFA and AWB. (ABO Compliance).
  • Non-metered customers reduced to less than 25. 

Safety – reduce job-related incident reports and job related injuries; metrics are Total Incidence Rate (TIR) and Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR).
  • Implement Recommendations outlined in the Safety Program Gap Assessment.
Protection of the Water Supply – provide appropriate level of security - including physical barriers, access control, intrusion detection and response
  • Increase staff resources and technology investment to manage watershed properties to optimize water quality and assure long-term environmental protection and sustainability.
Reduce Unaccounted for Water 
  • Upgrade treatment facility meters to accurately determine unaccounted for water.
Continue Compliance with Consent Order and Long Term Control Plan implementation schedule
  • Initiate Construction of Floatables Projects by April 1 2018.
  • Community Outreach Program for Big C (Beaver Creek) Floatables and Disinfection Facility Project.
Increase Preventive Maintenance on Water and Sewer Infrastructure 
  • Add a full crew to Transmission & Distribution System O&M (Thursday through Monday). 
Complete Citywide Flood Risk Assessment, and identify Flood Mitigation Projects.
  • Select Flood Mitigation projects that will have the greatest benefit based on FEMA flood risk assessment models. 
Customer Service 
  • Implement New Billing Software on-line payment module.
Incorporate Sustainability in Watershed Management
  • Continue work with the Nature Conservancy to promote sustainable timber management within our Alcove Watershed to provide an opportunity for revenue by engaging in the carbon market and timber sales certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.
Incorporate Green Infrastructure in all Department Planning and Design Projects
  • Include a Green infrastructure component in all Department water and sewer construction projects to improve the water quality and reduce the quantity and peak flow of stormwater entering the combined sewer system. 
Use of Social Media
  • Increase communication with the public regarding service disruptions caused by water main breaks or other emergencies via social media (Twitter). The Department will also publish newsworthy activities to promote and provide recognition for our staff and communicate stories of interest from our Department’s activities and programs (Facebook).


The property owner contracts with a licensed plumber for the construction of a new water service. There is a fee to the Albany Water Board for tapping the water main and also a fee for a water meter. These fees vary according to the size of the service. Contact customer service at 518-434-5300.

Contact Information

10 North Enterprise Drive Albany, NY 12204
(518) 434-5300 (Office hours: 8:30 AM.-4:30 PM, Monday - Friday)
DISPATCH: (518) 434-5322 (flooding, back-ups, sinkholes, main breaks)
EMERGENCY: (518) 462-4004 (12 midnight-7:30 a.m., weekends & holidays)
Fax: (518) 434-5332