Yearly Waste Collection Fee Program

On January 4, 2016, November 19, 2018, and December 16, 2019, the City amended Albany City Code § 313-3 to charge an annual waste collection fee on all residential homes of four units or less, including single family homes. The yearly $90 fee covers all waste collection pickup (i.e., solid waste; click here for more information:  

This fee is per unit. Therefore, the charge for a single family home is $90, a two family property is $180, a three family property is $270, and a four family property is $360 per year. It offsets a part of the cost of curbside garbage collection generated by people living in those units and will be reevaluated annually.

If you have any questions, the Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance and the Treasurer's office is happy to answer them.  You are also welcome to view the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about the fee and how it will operate.

Included in the FAQ section is information regarding exemptions to the Fee. Access the Waste Collection Fee Exemption Application here

To pay your Waste Collection Fee Bill online, please click here

If you have any questions about the status of your ROP or as a Vacant Building on the Vacant Building Registry, contact: 

Department of Buildings & Regulatory Compliance
200 Henry Johnson Boulevard
Albany, NY 12210
Phone (518) 434-5165
Fax (518) 434-6015

If you have questions about your WCF bill or your exemptions, contact: 
Treasurer's Office 
City Hall
24 Eagle Street, Room 109
Albany, NY 12207
Phone (518) 434-5035