Parking Enforcement

The Parking Enforcement Unit consists of one supervisor, 15 public service officers (PSO) and five traffic safety aides (TSA.) They work under the overall supervision of the traffic safety supervisors.

The PSOs are used for parking enforcement. They walk in various designated zones and enforce parking regulations by issuing parking tickets for parking violations. They are also used to assist in traffic control at festivals, parades, large funerals and other special events as needed. They are utilized to assist in parking enforcement sweeps for specific targets such as Handicap Parking enforcement, special No Parking areas and other designated offenses targets for extra enforcement efforts.

The TSA are our mobile unit assigned to vehicles. They are utilized to locate and either tow or boot scofflaws as well as in tag and tow sweeps for special events such as festivals and snow emergencies. They are also used to assist in traffic control similar to the PSO, with the ability to be more mobile since they are in a vehicle. 

The Parking Enforcement Unit is a valuable asset to the total traffic safety operations. They enforce parking regulations, locate scofflaws, produce revenue for the City and assist in traffic control as needed.